Plateau Stables is the only trail riding operation in the South and Central Regions of Malawi and operate from Plateau Stables at Zomba

The City of Zomba is only just over one hours drive on a new road from Blantyre, the commercial capital of Malawi.  The stables are based near the top of Zomba Mountain at an altitude of 1500 meters and trail rides are rarely without steep hills and dales and can take you up to an elevation of 2100 meters that give you panoramic views of the plains some 1100 meters below.  The climate is cool and the trails are usually narrow and go through dense pine and indigenous forests.  Simple basic self catering accommodation is plentiful while at the top end there is the Sunbird KuChawe Hotel.

No description of a trail riding operation would be complete without mention of the horses.  We pride ourselves with the beauty and range of horses that we have and give them a gallery of their own.  All of them have been imported from either South Africa or Zimbabwe and we have taken care to provide bigger horses for the bigger rider as well as faster more responsive horses for the competent rider.  See for yourself.